Live update on Hurricane Irma

Live update on Hurricane Irma: Hurricane Irma: Live updates Updates: Orlando Hurricane Irma path LIVE stream: Watch the terrifying hurricane path in real time HURRICANE Irma is moving across the Caribbean with cataclysmic winds forecast to reach Florida later this week. Watch the life-threatening hurricane develop in real time on webcams from the region.


The category 5 hurricane is slowly making its way across the Caribbean sea with powerful winds of up to 185mph (297km/h). At 5 am CDT (10 am BST), Irma’s eye was moving away from Barbuda and heading towards St. Martin. The storm is on track to move over the northern Leeward Islands later today before possibly moving near or over the northern Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico later today. Irma is then forecast to move northwestward towards Cuba and possibly make landfall in Florida.

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